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1961 Graduating Class Profiles

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Class of 1961
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Miller, William L.
Schreiber, Kent  (Richard)



Class History



One bright, early September morning in 1949, thirty-one first graders entered the portals of Downs Grade School.  Miss Geraldine Townsend was our teacher, and Miss Esther Bryant was the principal.  Of these thirty-one members of the beginning class fifteen have struggled through twelve years together.


At the beginning of the second grade, we still had all thirty-one members with Mrs. Margaret LaDow as our teacher. 


In the third grade with Mrs. Catherine Creamer as our teacher, we lost three of our original members, but we gained Ronnie Muths and Billy Osborne.


When we began the fourth grade with Mrs. Ivy Woodward as our teacher, we had thirty-one members again and had gained no new ones since the third grade.  The high-light of the term was the operetta Cinderella.


'61 Senior Sneak Girls
Kay Gates, Carol Lee Scott & Babette Cowley

At last our class grew up and were promoted downstairs with the upper grades of the old school building.  Under the leadership of Miss Arville Smith, we struggled through the fifth grade and gained one new member, Harold Minear.  We took part in the operetta Betsy Ross this year.


The sixth grade was somewhat of a quiet year as far as activities were concerned, but our instructor, Ollie Conrad, was practically frantic by the end of the term.  We gained one new member, Tweet Roe, and lost two members.


In the seventh grade Pat Sterrett and Pat Bihlmaier were added to our class.  Ollie Conrad was still our teacher for the seventh grade.  This year many of the boys participated in athletics, and we had the distinct honor of decorating for the commencement of the eighth grade class.


At last we were eight graders under the leadership of Miss Esther Bryant, and Mr. Cameron was the grade principal.  Many eventful things happened this year.  After much hard work, finally the day of graduation arrived in May of 1057.  We found that during the year, Lois Meyers, and Tom Scott were admitted to the class roll.


In September of 1957, a confused group of freshmen huddled in the halls of Downs High School.  When Supt. F.D. Stanley called the roll at the opening assembly and seated the newcomers, there were forty of us.  When we began our freshmen year, we found Eldon Miller, Peter Bohm, Verna Hazen, Karen Boxum, Al, Joyce, and Virgil Becker, Linda Fink, Delores Wichers, Harold Wagner, Rosemary Yunk, and Marideen Boxum had joined our class. With Mr. Dean Baldwin and Mr. Robert Julian as our sponsors, we floundered through our first class meeting and elected Delores Wichers for our class president.  Other class officers were Kent Schreiber, Tweet Roe, and Barbara Peters.


To help us get better acquainted, the seniors gave us an initiation party following a full day's initiation, which we will never forget.


When we congregated at the beginning of our sophomore year, we missed the faces of Myron Goheen, Verna Hazen, Pat Sterrett, Marilyn Watts, and Rosalie Robinson: but we saw three new faces of Nels Just, Bill Miller, and Carolyn May.  Mr. Saip and Mr. Parker were our sponsors and we elected Babette Cowley as our president.  Other officers were Kent Schreiber, Jim DePoy, Eldon Miller, and Kay Gates.  This year was marked by the tragedy of Virgil Becker's death.


Our junior year was full of scholastic, extracurricular and social activities.  We chose the following officers:  president, Eldon Miller: Vice-president Carol Lee Scott: secretary, Barbara Peters: student council, Mavis Wickham: and treasurer, Kent Schreiber.  Our sponsors were Mr. Watts, Mr. Dryden, and Miss DeBey.  We were really excited when we selected our class rings and started working on our junior play, It's Great To Be Crazy/


We had thirty-four members and lost five from our sophomore year. They were Virgil Becker, Phyllis LaRue, Kenny Berry, Nels Just, and Virginia Biga.  We gained Mary and Mavis Wickham.


One of the outstanding events in our junior year was decorating for the Junior-Senior Banquet.  The theme was "Moonlight and Roses."


Now we are seniors ready for the last lap.  We miss the faces of Joyce and Al Becker, Carol Goheen, Carolyn May, Harold Wagner, Wendell Gaston, Tom Scott, and Mary and Mavis Wickham as we enrolled.  We have now only twenty-seven in our senior year.


One of the important events this year was having the privilege of seeing two seniors crowned football king and queen.  They were Eldon Miller and Kay Gates.  Their attendants were Carol Lee Scott, Harold Minear, and Tweet Roe.


We had our senior pictures taken by Mr. Wichers of Beloit early in the fall.  We worked hard at promoting a magazine sale and successfully raised more money for our treasury.  Early in the spring we presented Mumbo Jumbo as our class play.


Our class officers this year are Kent Schreiber, president: Jim DePoy, vice president:  Delores Wichers, secretary: Priscilla Cowley. treasurer: and Babette Cowley, student council representative.  Mr. Dryden, Miss DeBey, and Mr. Stepp are our sponsors.


Annually, the FFA boys nominate four senior girls as candidates for FFA Sweetheart.  This year they chose Delores Wichers, Carol Blunt, Rosemary Yunk, and Carol Lee Scott.  From these they chose Delores as sweetheart.


On April 28 we were guests of the juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet.  The juniors entertained us nicely with  delicious meal and lovely prom planned around the theme, "Under the Magnolia Blossoms."


Of course, the main event of the year was our senior sneak to Colorado, where we spent four fun-filled days.


Wendell Gaston returned for the second semester to graduate with us.


As the time for Commencement approaches, we find it hard to think of leaving D.H.S. , but we are looking forward to taking our places in the world.  We know as we look back over the twelve years, there will always be a soft place in our hearts for our Alma Mater-good old Downs High.