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1960 Graduating Class Profiles

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Class History

In September of 1956, thirty-three "Green Freshman: shyly entered the doors of DHS no knowing which way to turn.  Out of these thirty-three, we welcomed ten new faces to our class.  They were Vernon Merz, Susan Muck, Robert Senti, Ila Kay Schoen, Gale and Garry Thaete, Donna Wiersma, Rita Zimmer, Genevieve Becker, and Bonnie Maier.  We were sorry to lose Gary Clark, Kay Eaton, Freda Geisler, Dorothy Hegerty, and Lanny Webster.  After being duly initiated by the seniors of that year, we felt "true blood" members of DHS.  We elected Larry Robinson as our first president, John Brown as our Vice President, Irene Streit as our Secretary, Eugene Nichols as our Treasurer, and Doris VanderGiesen as Student Council Representative.  To liven up the year, we had a sock hop with a grab bag at Christmas time.


Summer seemed to pass very fast as we again entered the doors of DHS.  We were greeted by only two new faces this time:  Nels Just and Jim Griffith, and lost only one,  Bonnie Maier.  The highlight of this year was the serving of the Junior Senior banquet in the spring.  To make money we held a profitable box supper which brought us a total of $38.75.  We were proud to have taken first prize on the homecoming float.  The officers we elected this year were as follows:  President, John Brown, Vice President, Larry Robinson, secretary, Eugene Nichols, Treasurer, Bruce DeBey and Student Council, Douglas Brush.


Our Junior year finally rolled around and as customary we gave the seniors the junior senior banquet with the theme "Stairway to the Stars".  To make up some of the money we spent on the banquet, we presented the annual junior play, which was called "It's a Great Life".  On the music side of our class, we were proud to have Doug Brush and Jane Stephenson receive ones in State Music Contest on their solos.  At our class election at the beginning of the year, we elected Ann Fletcher as President, John Brown as Vice President, Doug Brush as Secretary, Dick Schneider as Student Council Representative and Larry Robinson as Treasurer.  We neither gained nor lost any students this year.


Finally the day came when we found ourselves the high and mighty seniors we had long waited for.  The first big task which we accomplished with ease was to initiate those little freshman.  A new addition to our class was Eugene Yunk.  We were sorry to loose such people as Roberta Doolittle, Roger Kimble, Ronnie Makings, Nels Just, and Genevieve Becker.  To guide us through our last and final year, we elected the following officers:  President, Larry Robinson;  Vice President, Doug Brush; Treasurer, Fred Schneider; Secretary, Dick Schneider; and Student Council Representative, Bob Pahls.  Our two big money making projects this year were the Senior play, which was entitled "Everybody's Getting Married:, and the magazine sales in which we cleared $485.00. All the homecoming royalty consisted of seniors. They were King, Eugene Nichols, Queen, Jane Stephenson; Attendants, Doug Brush and Doris VanderGiesen; and John Brown and Ila Kay Schoen.  Again Doug Brush came out on top this year at State Music Contest with a 1 rating.  A speech class was formed out of part of the senior class and they presented a speech festival that consisted of three one-act plays.


Out of the thirty-four graduating this year, twenty-one of these students started in the first grade and continued all the way to the senior year together.  They are: JoAnn Biga, Dean Cole, Bruce DeBey, Charles Doolittle, Ann Fletcher, Evelyn Forney, Phyllis Hake, Eddie Hefley, Vicky Latin, Mary Jane Lute, Robert Michel, Eugene Nichols, Donald Roach, Fred Schneider, Dick Schneider, Jane Stephenson, Irene Streit, Curtis Tetlow, Doris VanderGiesen, Douglas Brush, and Larry Robinson.


And Now as these four wonderful years at DHS come to a close, we would like to thank all the people who have done so much for us and those who have meant so much to us.  We would like to say that no matter where we may go in this world, that memories of "ole" DHS will remain with us and we will always remain loyal and true to the Downs High School.