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1959 Graduating Class Profiles

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Class of 1959
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Brown, Ronald Rex
(Hampton) Makings, Elinor
Meyer, Bill
Perkins, Larry



Class History


On September 4, 1947, thirty-one boys and girls enrolled in the first grade at Downs Grade School under the supervision of Miss Mildred Schultz.  Their names were:  Jo Ann Biga, Edna Bethel, Ronnie Brown, Leslie Carter, Patricia Darnell, Joyce DePoy, LaVaugh Durham, Barbara Fletcher, Larry Getty, Marvin Gibrau, Elinor Hampton, Sharon Heath, Eugene Hiem, Janet Henderson, Larry Jewell, Judy Kennedy, Raymond Latham, Larry Perkins, Robert Reed, Betty Rolls, Gerald Sallee, Darla Sharp, Carolyn Siles, Glenda Steinshouer, Lois Stout, Sharon Stuart, Joyce Robertson, Larry Vincent, Jean Wiese, Leonard Wilson, and Catherine Worthington.  In this room we had the thrill of learning to read and write and to co-operate with other children outside our homes.


On entering the second grade we found out we had another Miss Shultz for our teacher.  Her name was Matha Shultz.  We discovered we lost several of our friends, they were Gerald Sallee, Betty Rolls, Carolyn Siles, Lois Stout, Jean Wiese, Robert Reed, Marvin Gibrau, Catherine Worthington, Edna Bethel, and Eugene Hiem.  Jo Ann Biga got her arm broken and missed several weeks of school so she remained in the first grade.  We also gained some new faces, these were Richard Goheen, Carl Slater, Jerry Stratton, Jess Eller, Janice Hedberg, Kiel Hays, Mildred Pottberg, Margaret Becker, and Eugene Junk.


After spending an enjoyable year in the second grade, we were greeted by a smiling lady who was to become our third grade teacher.  Her name was Mrs. Catherine Kreamer.  While we were in her room we had a very interesting study on Indians.  We also had a very enjoyable trip to Waconda Springs on the school bus for our class picnic.  We gained one new boy this year, his name was Elton Gates.  We lost several more faces also this year, they were Darla Sharp, Larry Jewell, Margaret Becker, Patricia Darnell, Janice Hedberg, Eugene Junk, Jerry Stratton, and Lorry Vincent.


The fourth grade was spent under the guiding hand of Mrs. Ivy Woodward.  We spent many pleasant and enjoyable days in the room.  We didn't lose any pupils but we gained three new ones.  They were Carolyn Anderson, Gerald Lathrop, and Allan Latham.


When we passed the halfway mark of grade school and entered the fifth grade under the skillful handling of Miss Gloria Follet, we were disappointed to find that Carolyn Anderson, Gerald Lathrop, Allan Latham, and Carl Slater had left us.  But however, we gained another boy, his name was Donnie Makings.


We entered the sixth grade and found that we had our first man teacher.  His name was Mr. Robert Robinson.  We were surprised to see a new boy in our room, his name was Dean Holmes.  Also Darla Sharp came back for half a year, then she left again.


Then we began the homestretch of grade school by entering the seventh grade under the capable hands of Mr. Elvin Robbs.  One of the highlights of the seventh grade was gathering flowers and decorating the stage for the Eighth Grade graduation.  Joyce Robertson left us this year, but we also gained Fay Troyer.


Finally we came to our last year of grade school under the leadership of Miss Esther Bryant.  After many memorable days in her room we were ready for graduation.  We gained four new pupils that year, they were Jerry Armour, Frances  Davenport, Eugene Vander Giesen, and Dollieta Wathen.  But Jerry and Frances left us at the end of the first semester and Dollieta left us before school was out.  Joyce Robertson came back with us also.


Entering our Freshmen year, thirty nervous freshman roamed the halls of D.H.S. awaiting the day of initiation.  Mr. Bodnarchuk and Mrs. Dillon were our sponsors for that year.  We were happy to see several new faces, Bill Meyer, Norman Boxum, Ronald Boxum, Mary Farrow, Luther Coppock, Paul Nichols, Gayle Senti, Mary Scott, Joline Miller, and Doris Wichers.  Donnie Makings was with us for the first six weeks, then he entered Cawker City High.  We found that we had also lost Dean Holmes and Leslie Carter.


Moving into our Sophomore year we learned that we had lost Mary Farrow and Fay Troyer.  Janet Henderson also left during the first semester.  Loeta Wilcoxson moved in to join us that year and Donnie Makings came back again at the last of the year.  Mr. Julian, and Mrs. Stephenson were our sophomore sponsors for that year.  Our class party for the year was a chili feed.  Also some of the class were chosen as servers for the Junior-Senor Banquet.


We were under the guidance of Miss DeBey, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Baldwin our Junior year.  The new faces for that year were Delores Cullimore and Eugene Junk.  Henrietta Fisher was here at the beginning of the year, but left us.  We found that we had also lost Joyce Robertson, Kiel Hayes, and Luther Coppock.  Our Junior play "Custer's Last Stand" was presented October 31 and November 1 which helped us financially.  We were quite busy during the second semester getting ready for the Banquet and Prom "Evening in Paris" we gave for the Seniors.  We were all delighted to receive our class rings our Junior year also.


Finally we have reached the last lap of our high school career under the capable hands of Mr. Stanley, Mr. Johnson, and Miss DeBey.  We found that we had lost Joyce DePoy and Delores Cullimore.  Lola Crosley was with us about six weeks, then she returned to Colorado.  Our first big event this year was our turn to initiate the Freshmen.  After the big day of them giving us pocketfuls of candy and gum and all the stunts we made them do in assembly we served them refreshments to show them we could be good "Joe's" too.  Under the direction of our sponsors we presented the play "No Boys Allowed."  But of course our biggest thrill this year was our trip to Colorado.


As we take our places in the open world we will always carry with us the memories of good "ole" D.H.S.