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1958 Graduating Class Profiles

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Class History


In September, 1954, twenty-four "Green Freshmen" entered the doors of Downs High School.  Out of these twenty-four, we welcomed seven new faces from the rural schools.  They were:  Doug Schoen, Lee Wiersma, Ellen Wierenga, Lucille Verhage, Junior VanderGiesen, Dale Merz, and Galen Wendling.  After we had been initiated and drank the Dragon's Blood, we became full-pledged members of the student body.  We had as our sponsors, Mrs. Dillon and Mr. Johnson.  We elected Jane Bortz, Pres: Ellen Wierenga, Vice-Pres: Harold Cleveland, Treasurer: Vicki Rogers, Secretary: and Doug Schoen, Student Council Rep.  We were sorry to lose Galen Wendling in the middle of the term.  Our special activity that year was a hayrack ride and picnic to Tanis Pond.


When " School Days" came the following fall, we noticed the new faces of Lyle Farrow, Barry Nichols, and Juanita Coppock.  We missed seeing Harold Cleveland who moved to Louisiana during the summer.  Out officers were, Doug Schoen, Pres: Dawn Brush, Vice-Pres: Lee Wiersma, Sec:, and Phyllis Goheen, Student Council Rep.  Our sponsors were Mr. Johnson, Mr. Brandhorst and Mrs. Julian.  We were proud of ourselves when we won first prize on our homecoming float.  We had a skating party for our special activity.


In September, 1956, we welcomed Dixie Hull into our class. We found that Ellen Wierenga had left us during the summer.  During the year Juanita Coppock and Lucille Verhage moved away and we lost Dixie Hull due to an auto accident.  This left us with 19 students.  We elected Jim Schneider, Pres: Lee Wiersma, Vice-Pres: Dawn Brush, Sec: Jane Bortz, Treas: and Doug Schoen, Student Council Rep.  Our sponsors were Miss Peterson and Mr. Fletcher.  This was a busy year for us.  In the fall we chose and presented :Who Killed Aunt Caroline" as our class play.  Our play was a great success and we added a lot of money to our treasury.  With this money we entertained the seniors on a "Hawaiian Cruise".  The theme was carried out by walking down the gang plank and everyone was given a lei.  The Miltonvale Dance Band played for our banquet, the whole student body was invited to a picture show at the Lido Theatre.


Finally came the day when we found ourselves the dignified seniors of DHS. We had found we had lost the faces of Barry Nichols and Doug Schoen.  We were then left with 17 students.  Our first big task was to initiate the freshmen.  We did it properly and gave them a party in the evening to show them we were "Good Joes".  We elected Jim Schneider, Pres: Sandra Reddick, Vice-Pres: Mary Bell, Sec: Vicki Rogers, Treas: and Theodore Schreiber, Student Council Rep.  Our sponsors were Mr. Feist and Mrs. Stephenson, class advisor, Mr. Stanley.  To help our treasury we sold magazines for the Curtis Company.  We chose to present :O Promise Me" as our Senior play.  The juniors gave us a wonderful banquet.  Our last and long remembered class activity was our senior trip to Colorado.  We visited several interesting places such as: Cannon City Prison, U. S.  Mint, and the Royal Gorge. This was both educational and entertaining.


Out of the 17 seniors graduating, 9 of these have gone to the Downs Schools all 12 years.  They are Jane Bortz, Phyllis Goheen, Larry Green, Sandra Reddick, Jim Schneider, Vicki Rogers, Ted Schreiber, Deanna Williams, and Kenny Williams.


Now as we come to the end of the journey in Downs High School, we know we will always remember the training and wonderful experiences we have had here.  We will always remain loyal and true to Downs High School.