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1949 Graduating Class Profiles

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Class of 1949
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In September, 1945, twenty-eight green little freshman entered the doors of D.H.S.  The greatest event of the freshman year was initiation.  On that day one would have wondered just which were boys and which were girls as we wore an exchange of clothes.  Carol Wood and Margie DeBey joined us in our freshman class.  Five of our boys, Gerald Frazell, Harold Frazell, Irvin Myers, Bob Akens and LeRoy Schoen went out for football that year.  Five of our seniors
 were on the '49 championship team.


Of the four boys who went out for basketball that year, three are now on the first team.  They are Harold and Gerald Frazell and Howard Cary.  Our leaders the first year were Bob Akens, president; Gerald Frazell, vice-president; Harold Frazell, secretary.  Miss Cummings and Miss Hagstrand sponsored us.  Duane Maley, Virgil Verhage, and Margie DeBey left us during our sophomore year.  Jerry Self joined us from Denver to take one of the vacant places.  Miss Hayses and Mr. Skinner saw us through our second year and Joyce DeBey was our class president.

During the junior year we received our class rings and presented the junior play, "Life at Aunt Minnie's."  We also had a Valentine Box supper.  Gerald Koops represented our class on student council; Harold Frazell was our president and sponsors were Mrs. Cone and Mr. Brent. Opal Conn dropped from our list at the end our third year.  The junior-senior prom banquet was built on the theme of "Aloha Beach."

In September, three years later, twenty-four bright looking seniors entered the portals of D.H.S.  to begin their last year.  We planned an initiation for the freshman to equal the one we had received. Class officers for the senior year were: Bob Akens, president; Joyce DeBey, vice-president; Nedra Michel, secretary; Carol Wood, treasurer; Harold Frazell, student council.  Miss Grant and Mr. Brent are
 the sponsors.

 Armin Brandhorst entered from Clay Center and Duane Gibeau was back again.  Sarahmae VanderGeisen transferred from Denver in the middle of first semester.
We chose for out class colors, blue and white; for our flower we selected red and white roses; and for our motto, " In ourselves our future lies."  The senior play "The Mad March Heirs" was presented on March 31 and April 1.  We decided to wear blue and white caps and gowns for commencement week activities.

The annual senior sneak was one of the highlights of our last year in high school.  Everyone enjoyed themselves very much. As graduation draws near, we think of all the happy days we have spent in Downs High School and fondly regret our departure.